The state wood economic establishment «Dretunsky timber enterprise» of Vitebsk industrial wood economic affiliation of the Ministry of a forestry of Byelorussia is located in a northeast part of Vitebsk area in terrain of Polotsk administrative area. Extent of terrain from the north on the south – 32 km, from the east on the West – 33 km.

The forestry office building is in village Dretun, in 154 km from regional city centre of Vitebsk and in 32 km from railway station Polotsk.

The forestry mailing address: 211650, Vitebsk area, Polotsk area, settlement Dretun, street Youth, 1, bodies. / a fax 8(0214) 47-25-30.

The forestry is organised in 1951 according to the decision of Sovnarkoma of the USSR «About the organisation of the Main wood preservation at SNK the USSR».

The first works on the wood device in forestry terrain have been made in 1924-1927. In the subsequent, the wood device was made in 1952, 1965, 1976, 1988 and 1998. The reacting device of wood is executed by Republican filial unitary enterprise "Vitebsklesproekt" in 2008.

According to wood vegetative geographical demarcation of Byelorussia forestry woods fall into to the Polotsk complex of large forests, western-Dvinskogo wood vegetative area of a subband shirokolistvenno-fur-tree (dubovo-temnohvojnyh) woods.

In the climatic attitude the forestry is in a moderate region of Atlantiko-continental area. As a whole the climate of the terrain occupied with the Dretunsky forestry can be characterised as is moderate-warm, wet, rather continental. On an interrelation of heat and a moisture it is close to South taiga that predetermines a wide circulation coniferous and woods of breeds trees with wide sheet.

Relief of terrain of a forestry is moderate-hilly, alternating with the aqueous glacial plains, falling into to right-bank Polotsk lowland.

The forestry terrain is an edge of numerous lakes (102 lakes a total area of 3,1 thousand in hectare) and the educed river system, Zapadnaya Dvina falling into to basin.

In terrain of the Arlejsky forest area is republican hydrological заказник«Penetrating - Big Ostrovito», excreted according to the decision of Ministerial council of Byelorussia № 1833 from 12/27/2007 of year, the area of 1259 hectares. In terrain заказникаthe auks brought in the Red data book of Byelorussia, such as чернозобаягагара, savings, змееяд, a golden eagle, a sea eagle – white tail, a grey crane, a black stork, гоголь, a three-fingered pecker and others dwell.

Allocation of woods of a forestry to bunches and categories securities corresponds to the national economic appointment, carried out nature protection functions, is natural-historical conditions of a locating of timber enterprise and the reacting Wood code.