Forest management in the forests of the Vitebsk GPLHO complies with the national standards for sustainable forest management. All 19 forestry enterprises of Vitebsk GPLHO have a national certificate of conformity, forest management system of the Republic of Belarus.

Following the adherence to the principles and management of forestry Vitebsk GPLHO carefully treats forest resources under management. Forest management activities are aimed at effective multi-purpose use of forest products and functions. In general, the forest management system is aimed at preserving the biological diversity of the forests of the Vitebsk region and other forest-related resources - aquatic, soil, unique and vulnerable landscapes.

On the territory of the Vitebsk GPLHO, specially protected areas and forests with high conservation value are allocated. Constant monitoring and protection of rare and endangered species of animals and plants is conducted. On the territory of the forest fund, the habitats of species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus have been identified and protected.

In order to preserve the forest environment when harvesting wood, discontinuous cutting methods are used. At present, the share of non-continuous and gradual logging in the forests of the Vitebsk GPLHO during main felling is 27.4% of the total area of ​​such felling. In addition, the non-continuous logging contributes to the natural regeneration of the forest, and allows you to create in the future uneven, complex in structure, forests that are more resistant to adverse environmental factors.

Leskhozes are actively working on reforestation and afforestation. More than 100 species of tree and shrub species are grown in nurseries of forestry, both for afforestation and reforestation, and for ornamental green growing. In general, reforestation works are aimed at promoting the preservation of natural forests and the cultivation of species of local origin.



The forest certification authority of the Belgiproles design and exploration republican unitary enterprise officially confirms that the products are:

- round coniferous timber, STB 1711-2007,

- round hardwood, STB 1712-2007,

- balances for export, GOST 22296-89,

- technological wood raw material, TU RB 100195503.014-2003,

- firewood, STB 1510-2004,

- poles, TU RB 100195503.010-2000,

- fuel chips, TU BY100145188.003-2009, certified on the basis of origin in accordance with the requirements of TCP 5.4.03-2009 “National system of conformity assessment of the Republic of Belarus. Forest certification system. Rules for the identification of forest products and products of their processing on the basis of origin ".

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