The industry will determine the most "age" forest dynasty

On the eve of the professional holiday - the Day of Forest Workers - in the forest industry will choose the most "age" dynasty. Thematic competition is held by the Belarusian forest newspaper.

“Forestry is an industry that, like no other, is famous for its dynasties. In many families, the service of the forest has become a true family tradition for several generations, and their total work experience has long passed over a century, ”the organizers say.

Lifting of the ban is locked for visiting forests

According to the decision of the Polotsk District Executive Committee number 701 of May 10, 2019

  On the basis of clause 1 of Article 40 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 4, 2010 “On Local Government and Self-Government in the Republic of Belarus”, Polotsk RIC


    1. To declare invalid the decision of Polotsk RIC of April 26, 2019 No. 635 "On bans on the territory of the forest fund".

Earth Hour 2019

Earth Hour (Eng. Earth Hour) - an annual international event held by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It is held on the last or, to avoid coincidence with Great Saturday, the penultimate Saturday of March, and calls on all - individuals, organizations, schools, municipalities, commercial institutions - to turn off the light for one hour to stimulate interest in climate change, light pollution and other environmental topics.

Preparation of birch sap

The State Forestry Institution “Dretunsky Forestry” provides information on locations for harvesting birch sap on the territory of the forestry for citizens who wish to independently produce harvesting of birch sap for their own needs.

Structural subdivision

Location office contact phone

Plot location

First Pretunskoye Forestry

D. Dretun

Forester Tamkovich Sergey Mikhailovich

tel. 8-0214-472543

Labor Protection Week

This event is held from 11 to 15 March in the leshozes of the Vitebsk region in parallel with the month of labor protection, organized in the institutions of the Ministry of Forestry. Within the framework of these activities, a set of preventive measures was organized, aimed at minimizing industrial accidents, as well as strengthening control over the provision of safe working conditions. Within the framework of the month, targeted briefings on labor protection issues are held daily with workers who perform high-risk work, engaged in logging, woodworking and loading sites.